Hemp Blocks

Ingenuity through Simplicity!

Hanfbausteine Diagramm

Build with Hemp and Lime

The symbiosis of mankind's oldest cultivated plant (hemp) with one of the oldest and most proven building materials (natural lime) is the building material of the future.

The two materials are pressed in a cold air process to a brick. The hemp plant grows about 50 times faster than wood, one hectare of hemp field grows the biomass for a small family home in just 5 months. The combination of loose hemp shives with natural lime and minerals makes the material hard as stone and resistant to external influences enduring the building for many generations. This protects the environment and saves money. The excellent thermal properties make additional insulation such as polystyrene superfluous. Hemp lime has the same properties as clay in terms of air purification and moisture regulation, ensuring a healthy indoor climate and clean air. The production cycle binds more CO² than it gives off and thus actively relieving the environment.

Hemp Bricks - CO2 Negative

Hanfbausteine CO2 Negativ

Hemp Bricks - Cradle To Cradle

Hanfbausteine Cradle to Cradle

According to calculations by EN 15804, about 90% more CO² is stored in the hemp stone than is released during production, which results in a bottom line effect of minus 90% in total.

Ökobilanz nach EN 15804

Richtlinien Ökobilanz